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Workers’ compensation for federal employees: what to expect

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover financial losses associated with an injury suffered at work. This is includes missed wages, medical treatment, rehabilitation or even vocational training if an individual is unable to return to the same job. Federal employees, including those working in California, are also entitled top workers’ compensation benefits after an injury. 

According to the Division of Federal Employees Compensation, injured workers who have filed a claim can expect to have the case processed promptly. For most occupational illness cases, claims should be processed within 90 days and traumatic injuries should be processed within 45 days. Injured employees should also expect prompt payment of medical bills. 

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act states that injured employees can reclaim their job within one year of wage loss. If needed, federal employees may be granted assistance in returning to work. This can include vocational training, a nurse to provide personal medical care and access to specialists. Despite the federal guidelines that dictate the claims procedures, it can be a complex process to secure the benefits due. When a claim is denied or an employee cannot get the information he or she needs to move forward, it can be useful to seek help from an attorney experienced in handling claims on behalf of federal workers.

Workers’ compensation is an area of law that is often changing. Laws are frequently amended, and it can be difficult for a federal employee to get a clear understanding of what is rightfully due under the law. California federal employees who have concerns about their rights after a work injury may seek assistance from a legal professional and may benefit from visiting our website for additional information. 

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