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Accident on the job injures man working on bullet-train

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

California will always have its share of major construction projects in the works. Many of these involve heavy equipment and complicated plans. In any job, there is danger of an accident, but this is particularly true with construction. An accident on the job can happen because of falling debris, a mistake with a large piece of machinery, a slip and fall and for many other reasons. For people who have suffered workplace injuries, the aftermath can be more problematic than the accident itself. Having legal assistance to get all the benefits the worker and his or her family needs is often imperative.

A worker was hurt when he was hit by a steel reinforcing bar (rebar) that fell on him as he worked on the construction of a California high-speed rail. The accident happened in the early afternoon at around 2 p.m. The rail will be carried on an overpass and that is where the worker was hurt. The man, 48, had a partial crush injury and was pinned from the chest to the lower part of his body. All his ribs were broken, as was his collarbone and one of his arms. He suffered fractured vertebrae. He might not be able to walk again.

The man is employed by a subcontractor on the project and is part of a local ironworkers union. He worked in this industry for more than a decade. Cal/OSHA – the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration – is investigating the incident. It is believed that a crane was being used in lifting a forming wall and there was a failure in the rigging causing the rebar to fall. There had been a previous incident on this job and workers were hurt. The investigation into this work accident is continuing.

Construction workers are in constant danger of injury. That could be due to an unsafe working environment, mistakes made by planners and fellow workers, or a simple unfortunate circumstance. With any injury, it is possible that the worker will miss time and need help making ends meet and paying for medical costs. If there is a severe injury as appears to have happened in this incident, the worker and his family must make sure to have legal help to maximize the benefits and compensation he will receive. A lawyer experienced in helping clients who have been involved in a work accident is crucial to a claim.

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