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High risk occupations in California and how dangerous they are

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | High Risk Occupations |

Many workers in California have jobs that others perceive to be dangerous. Independent of how skilled the worker is and the amount of caution he or she takes, these types of jobs place them at risk simply by their duties. When there is a work accident with injuries, it is important for workers and their families to understand the process to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If there is a worker death, it becomes even more vital. Knowing the kinds of jobs that are at the top of the list for being high risk is also wise because people can be better prepared for the worst-case scenario.

On average, there will be around 350 fatalities on the job in California per year. Most will happen in a relatively limited number of jobs. Loggers are the most at risk for a fatal workplace accident. The California Department of Industrial Relations states that between 2012 and 2016, there were 15 fatalities among loggers. When broken down, that comes to a worker dying for every 600 that do the job.

Drivers of large trucks have the most fatalities overall. People who work at great heights, such as construction workers, tree trimmers, people working on roofs and painters, regularly die from falls. People who work on California farms also have a significant fatality rate despite legal mandates that they be protected. Unsurprisingly, police officers are also on the list for worker deaths. Other jobs that have a high rate of fatalities are aircraft pilots, taxi drivers, welders and power line and telecommunication workers.

People who see their loved ones go to work every day do not function thinking that it is the last time they will ever see them regardless of the type of work the person does. However, there are certain jobs that carry with them greater danger for people being hurt and killed. There are many issues that will come to the forefront if a worker is injured or killed while working. That includes medical expenses, lost wages and the possibility that the person will need extensive assistance for the rest of his or her life. Whether it is an accident in high risk occupations or not, having legal help to pursue all the workers’ compensation benefits available or to file a wrongful death lawsuit is imperative.

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