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Workplace injuries from chemical exposure sparks lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Farm work can be tedious, physically and mentally demanding, and outright dangerous. Some issues can stem from an unsafe working environment that cause a safety hazard. Workers might not just be injured, but they can also become ill if they are exposed to certain substances. Farm workers who become ill due to exposure to substances while on the job should know that they may have rights to be compensated for their illness, the missed time on the job and long-term damage they might have suffered as a result.

According to a recent report, a lawsuit has been filed by farm workers after an incident that happened a year ago. Workers were made sick when they were exposed to pesticides as they were working on a raspberry farm. The owner of a neighboring farm sprayed the pesticide. Around 15 workers became ill due to the pesticide exposure. They vomited, were dizzy, suffered headaches, had trouble breathing or a high temperature, had dry mouth and irritation to the eyes, skin and throat. There are 13 plaintiffs in the case and they seek $25,000 in damages. The pesticides in question had warnings that humans who were exposed to them were in danger of becoming ill.

Workers who are subjected to chemical exposure can face a series of different issues. Exposure to chemicals can do significant damage to a person’s internal systems. The workers can face long-term problems that render them unable to work and, by extension, unable to earn a living. While workers’ compensation is in place to help these workers, they might also have the basis to file a lawsuit against those responsible for making them ill.

Farm workers place themselves in jeopardy every day. When these workers are exposed to chemicals that are not meant to be used on humans, they can get sick or even die. The right approach to worker injuries due to chemical exposure can be imperative when filing a case to be compensated.