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Construction worker killed by falling beam

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | High Risk Occupations |

In California, the public might not think about the dangers that were part of the creation and completion of a construction project, but with every job there is a risk that workers will be injured or there will be worker death. The workers themselves understand what they face even if they take all the necessary precautions to maintain safety. Still, no one is expecting to leave for work and die in a fatal construction accident. After the incident, it is vital for the worker’s family to understand their rights to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

A project in which a tunnel is undergoing repairs had an accident in which a 51-year-old worker died. The worker functioned as a signal technician and was hit when a steel beam came crashing down on him. It happened at around 5:30 p.m. It is not yet known how the accident occurred, but the beam that fell was a temporary one. The worker was pinned under it. He was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. The worker was employed by the company that is serving as the primary contractor on improvements to the tunnel which provides light rail service. The investigation into the accident continues.

The sheer nature of construction work places workers in jeopardy. Large machines, working high in the air, heavy equipment and materials – all are fundamental when there is any construction project taking place. This is true whether it is a building project or a refurbishment project. Workers who do this kind of work might be cautious and experienced, but that does not avoid some accidents in which severe injuries and death can result. With the aftermath of a fatal construction accident, the family of the person who died must think about the immediate and long-term future with funeral expenses, lost income, lost companionship and other problems. A legal filing is often needed to help them.

A construction worker died as he worked on a project that is meant to improve a tunnel. A steel beam landed on him and caused severe injuries from which he could not recover. As the investigation continues, his family needs to think about their future by discussing a legal filing with a law firm that understands the ins and outs of fatalities of workers engaged in high risk occupations.