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Work-related accident kills worker on construction project

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | High Risk Occupations |

Construction work is a dangerous occupation regardless of the project. Workers are on scaffolds, working with large tools, operating near heavy machinery, and are placed in some level of jeopardy on every project. On some level, workers and their families are keenly aware of the risks they face of being in an accident, suffering serious injuries and even losing their lives. When it happens, however, it is still a shock. After the loss of a loved one in a construction accident, a lawsuit is often the only strategy available to receive adequate compensation.

A mid-morning accident led to the death of a construction worker working in a trench. The man was in the process of installing a storm drain at a depth of approximately 12 feet when the trench collapsed. He was declared dead at the scene. California Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported to the scene to investigate. The investigation is ongoing.

While accidents can happen at any job, certain jobs create greater risks. Even when steps are taken to mitigate the danger workers face, accidents can still happen. When these accidents result in a fatality, the family will be left behind with a litany of concerns. The loss of the worker’s wages can cause extensive problems for the family. While a legal filing cannot bring the person back, it can help the family move forward.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident, you may want to consider filing a lawsuit to recover compensation. A law firm that is experienced in assisting families that have lost a loved one working in high risk occupations is integral to a case.