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Are other benefits available along with workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

When California workers are injured on the job, they will likely know that they can get workers’ compensation benefits if they meet the requirements and are approved. Workers’ compensation can provide for wage loss and medical expenses while the person gets treatment, tries to recover and seeks to get back on the job. If there are problems with the workers’ compensation application or there is a need for other benefits, it is important to know what is available. Fortunately, for workers who meet the criteria, it is possible to get other forms of financial assistance.

In certain instances, it is possible that workers can get State Disability Insurance (SDI). Unemployment Insurance (UI) are paid by the Employment Development Department (EDD). These payments will be available for workers who are facing a delay in their workers’ compensation benefits or they were denied outright. Those who are unable to work because they are injured should remember that they would be wise to file for UI or SDI. This is a protective step if issues arise with the workers’ compensation case. EDD must be informed of the workers’ compensation claim.

Other ways to receive payments include Social Security disability. The Social Security Administration oversees the SSD program. This hinges on meeting the SSA’s requirements and having an injury, illness or condition that is on the Listing of Impairments it uses to make its decisions. There are other requirements for SSD. In some cases, a union or an employer will have benefits for injured workers. That might include sick leave, long-term disability insurance (LTD), salary continuation and group health insurance. If the injuries came about because of another’s negligence and it was not the employer, a lawsuit could be an alternative.

When there is an injury at work and it has left the worker unable to perform his or her duties, workers’ compensation can be a lifeline. However, should it be necessary to seek other types of financial assistance, it might be possible to get them through the above-listed avenues. A law firm experienced in workers’ compensation can be of assistance in the case.