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Carmaker faces allegations of downplaying workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

In California, when there is a job with inherent dangers or a work location where there is a spate of injuries, it is natural that there will be scrutiny on the workplace and its procedures. For the workers, getting workers’ compensation is vital for them to make ends meet and to receive the treatment they need. For those who are concerned about their workplace and how it handles injury claims, keeping track of certain prominent companies and allegations of how they deal with dangerous circumstances and various allegations can provide a blueprint of how to address their own situation.

The carmaker Tesla is facing new allegations linked to worker injuries. A report states that the company’s medical clinic consistently ignored workers’ complaints. The report says that the clinic was put under pressure to lower the number of injured workers it treated. The staff at the clinic was told that they should not call for emergency assistance unless they were granted permission to do so. They also wanted injured workers to use a ride-sharing service to get to the hospital and refused the use of medical equipment that would have led to an injury report being filed. Temporary employees who were working at the facility were consistently refused treatment. Medical assistants were left to handle cases without supervision during the company’s night shift. The owner of the clinic denies these claims.

In a perfect world, workers would be given the medical care they need after workplace injuries. That would include treatment, coverage for lost wages, the chance to have a job they can do despite their injuries, and more. In truth, the Tesla situation is not unusual and companies and insurers often try to navigate their way around caring for their workers using technicalities or outright mistreatment. It is in these circumstances that injured workers must have legal assistance.

A law firm that specializes in helping injured workers who have been subjected to an unsafe working environment can be paramount in the investigation and getting workers’ compensation. Calling for advice and assistance after workplace injuries is imperative.