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Underground work accident sends plumber to hospital

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Many jobs in California are critical to businesses and public works functioning properly, but are largely forgotten when thinking about the potential dangers to its workers. One such job is plumbing. To do maintenance and repair, plumbers often need to go underground and perform other risky acts to get to where the issue is. Once there, they frequently do not know what they will find. This can place them in jeopardy. After a work accident while doing plumbing work, it can hinder the person from being able to perform the tasks to do the job. That makes it necessary to have workers’ compensation and other benefits. For help in maximizing the available benefits, legal help can be required.

Two plumbers were working underneath a catering area at the airport when one became trapped. The men were working on the sewer of the company that provides catering services for a vast proportion of airlines. While they were in the large and complex underground area, there were fumes from a device used to cut concrete that resulted in the men losing consciousness. One worker woke up and tried to help his still unconscious partner out of the area, but he became dizzy and went for assistance alone.

Rescue crews arrived and had trouble locating the plumber. The man had eventually awakened and tried to get out on his own. He did not have contact with the outside. After approximately a two-hour search, they came upon the man as he crawled toward them. He was taken out and brought to the hospital for treatment.

When a person has a work accident or an incident that results in medical issues and hospitalization, there are many factors that must be considered. Included are how much it will affect the person’s ability to work in the future, what mental and physical aftereffects they might have, and if there are unseen injuries that manifest later.

Also important is whether it was due to a safety hazard, an unsafe working environment, or a mistake on the part of another person or entity. In some cases, there is a disagreement over medical issues, the amount of time the worker will be off the job and other issues. After workplace injuries, having legal assistance is vital to ensure all the benefits the worker is entitled to are provided. Calling for assistance is key.