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Machine activating with man inside results in worker death

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | High Risk Occupations |

Any job in California can be dangerous, but people who work with heavy machinery are at significant risk of being in a fatal work-related accident. Although they and their families know the danger, it is still a shock to receive that call saying that there was the loss of a loved one in an incident on the job. There are many considerations after this type of accident. People who have been impacted by such a tragic occurrence must remember their rights to be compensated for all they have lost. A law firm that is experienced in assisting people after work-related accidents and death can be critical when considering a legal filing.

A man who was inside an industrial machine died when the machine activated. The accident happened at around lunchtime. The business handles assembly and machinery for aerospace companies. The man was said to be in his 50s. When emergency crews were called, they were told that a man was stuck in a machine. When they got to the scene, they found they were unable to help him. It is believed that he was performing maintenance on the machine. It turned on and he was killed. The man had worked with the company for approximately a year. The investigation into the circumstances of the incident is continuing.

After a fatal work-related accident, the family will have personal, financial and emotional concerns to think about. Lost income and companionship are two problems that they will face. Getting beyond the unexpected – and unnecessary – death is another. While it might not be the first thing they consider as they prepare for a funeral and try to get beyond the unexpected loss, it is frequently necessary to file a lawsuit to get the maximum in compensation. Gathering evidence and finding out exactly what happened and why is crucial to a case and a seasoned attorney can help.

A man was inside a machine when it turned on and killed him. There are still questions as to how this happened and law enforcement is working to find out the details of the case. Regardless of what they find, the family left behind will still be without their loved one. Since he died while at work, it is essential that they have legal advice from a lawyer that represents families who have lost a loved one who was working high risk occupations.