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Music festival accident leads to worker death in California

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | High Risk Occupations |

In California, there are many public events taking place. With the good weather in the state, it is common for these events to be outdoors. This requires logistical planning to prepare spaces for them. If it is a music festival, there is a significant amount of construction necessary. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and lead to injuries and worker death. For people who have lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident, it can be helpful to have legal advice to determine the next step and if a wrongful death lawsuit is required to secure sufficient compensation.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was the site of a fatal accident in which a 49-year-old worker fell from the staging area. Emergency services were called at approximately 9:30 a.m. with a report of a traumatic injury. A witness stated that the worker was approximately 60 feet in the air and was heading up the scaffolding of the stage when he fell. He was declared dead at the site of the accident. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) was notified and an investigation into the work accident will take place.

Any building project carries risk for the workers. They must have the proper equipment, have coworkers who understand their roles and responsibilities, and be protected. With these types of jobs, accidents are common. Some are so severe that they result in a fatality. The family that has lost a loved one in a work accident might not know what steps are needed to recover compensation for all they lost. Lost income, funeral expenses and the emotional impact of a fatal work accident can be difficult to bear. Having legal advice is beneficial, as an experienced law firm will know how to address financial implications for the worker’s family and other issues.

A worker at a popular concern festival was setting up a stage when he fell to his death. The man had worked at the company for two decades. As the investigation into the case moves forward with Cal/OSHA leading the way, the man’s family may take certain steps to ensure they are protected. This is true for anyone who has lost a loved one in an accident while they worked in high risk occupations. A law firm that understands all aspects of work accidents can help.