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Elevator workers suffer workplace injuries after fire

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

In San Jose and across California, building maintenance is an integral part of living in a municipality. To keep the residents and anyone else who enters a structure safe, there are certain jobs that must be done. One risky type of employment involves maintaining and repairing elevators. Since elevators can be dangerous in a myriad of ways, even the workers who are fixing issues with them will inevitably be put at risk. One of the biggest dangers in an accident on the job is if there is a fire. With the injuries that can accompany a fire and an elevator-related injury, having legal assistance to get the maximum in benefits is essential.

Two men were working on an elevator when a fire broke out and injured them. Emergency personnel were called before noon. The workers were taken to the hospital for treatment. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. It is still unknown how the fire began. It started in the elevator shaft and a mistaken mix with chemicals sparked the fire. The work was known as vapor guard to protect the shaft in case of water accumulation and other problems. The building was evacuated after sprinklers and fire alarms were activated. The investigation is continuing.

All workplace injuries can cause problems for the injured worker. However, burn injuries are among the worst they can suffer. With the possibility of permanent damage, those who have been burned could need extensive medical treatment and surgical procedures. They are likely to have significant pain and suffering. Their families will need to help them with many tasks in everyday life. This can be financially, personally and emotionally costly. If there is a fatality, the family will have a host of other concerns. Workers’ compensation benefits are key to be covered for lost wages and medical costs. Understanding the necessary steps to get benefits is imperative.

Workers who are burned might not be aware of what they face in the future. This usually includes medical costs, treatment and financial concerns from work limitations. They and their families must consider all their alternatives and do what is necessary to get workers’ compensation benefits. Those who are in a similar situation with workplace injuries should also remember the need for legal help to get their benefits.