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Most common dangers for workplace injuries listed by OSHA

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

For some jobs in California and throughout the U.S., there is a natural risk with the duties workers must perform. Any job can result in workers being injured, but some types of employment is riskier than others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with ensuring workplaces maintain as safe an atmosphere as possible. When there are workplace accidents, OSHA conducts investigations into how and why they happened. Employers can be cited for lapses. OSHA recently released the most common violations of workplace safety protocol in 2018. This information is important for workers as is considering a legal filing after they have been hurt.

Workers should be protected from the possibility of falling. Often, this is linked to construction work, but other types of workers need to climb too. A ladder fall can cause severe injuries and death. For those who are on roofs or are on platforms, it is important that there are guardrails and other protective devices. Hazard communication involves making certain there is safety information regarding chemicals and it is readily available to workers. A scaffolding is commonly needed for various tasks and a scaffolding fall can lead to major injuries.

Many workers must wear respirators due to dangerous chemicals, dusts, vapors and more that can be inhaled and cause illness. Since workers can develop lung problems, cancer and other diseases that can lead to disability and death, protection is a must. Hazardous energy can result in workers being electrocuted, suffering cuts and losing limbs. These must be controlled and workers must understand the procedures to be safe. Industrial trucks like forklifts and similar items require sufficient training and vigilance. When this is not provided, injuries due to negligent operating of machinery are common. Eye and face protection must be available to employees so they can avoid hazards that can cause blindness, burns and worse. If workers do not have face shields, goggles and other devices, it can be risky.

In many cases, workers are unaware of the protections employers were supposed to provide for them until they have already been hurt. Understanding the avoidable dangers is imperative, but after the workplace injuries have occurred, it is beneficial to have legal help in an investigation to determine the cause of the incident, what could have been done to prevent it, and to seek workers’ compensation and other benefits for all that was lost. Calling for a consultation with an experienced law firm is often a successful way to recovering compensation.