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Worker injured on the job when car forces him down manhole

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers who are doing roadwork or construction on the road in California are in constant danger, even if the area is closed off. Even with precautions, workers can be injured. Falling injuries are common. With any falling accident, there can be serious injuries and even fatalities. Medical expenses, lost wages and other costs may be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

According to recent reports, a worker fell approximately 20 feet into an open manhole as he was preparing the area for construction of a sewer when a vehicle hit his equipment. The male driver was in a Toyota Corolla and was said to be in his 20s. He initially exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. However, other workers in the area informed law enforcement officials where he was. He was caught and arrested. The worker was trapped in the manhole for more than an hour. He was removed with a harness and hospitalized with musculoskeletal injuries. The investigation into the incident is continuing.

When there is a construction accident and the worker is injured, there will be a natural expectation that workers’ compensation benefits will be approved and provide for the worker for lost wages and medical costs. However, even in accidents in which it is obvious that the worker was injured, there is no guarantee that the maximum benefits will be provided. For workers who are in physical jobs, any injury can have a significant impact on their lives. They could be forced to find a different type of employment or the injuries can be permanent and render them barely able to work at all. As the worker from this recent incident recovers, he needs to be aware of the steps to take to get approved for workers’ compensation benefits.