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Fatal construction accident kills worker, injures a second worker

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | High Risk Occupations |

Across California, construction work is ongoing. This can be in a public and private works, repairs, maintenance and more. Regardless of the project itself, there are inherent dangers in these types of jobs. Workers will need to handle heavy tools, climb to great heights, operate and be near large vehicles and trust other workers and their employers to maintain proper safety protocol. It is unfortunate that accidents happen quite frequently, causing injuries and fatalities. For those who were hurt, workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial to make ends meet and get medical care. After a fatality, knowing how to pursue compensation after a wrongful death is also vital.

According to recent reports, a construction accident at a school led to a 30-year-old worker’s death. A second worker was hurt in the same accident. The project is to build an event center for a high school. According to the investigation, the decedent was an ironworker. He was on a platform 30 feet above the ground and was connecting beams. A beam hit him and he fell, landing on the ground. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The other worker’s injuries were said to be minor, but that worker was taken to the hospital. An investigation is being conducted by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

There are many circumstances in which workers can be injured and lose their lives when performing construction work. Trenches can collapse, there can be falls, crane accidents can occur, there can be fires, toxic chemical exposure and burns. Injuries to workers can include head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, lost limbs, electrocutions and even fatal injuries. While workers and their families will be aware of the dangers, it is still a shock when there is a fatal work-related accident and the loved one is no longer there. There will be emotional, personal and financial impacts from these accidents. There is always a chance that the situation will be in dispute and insurers and employers will be reluctant to pay a sufficient settlement for the fatality.

As the investigation of the recent incident moves forward, the worker’s family must make certain they are protected. Getting more information about legal options for accidents in high risk occupations may be beneficial.