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Unsafe working environment allegations plague Amazon

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

In California and throughout the nation, online retailers have not just become a prominent way in which people shop, but have also evolved into major employers. While there are many such companies, some are larger than others. When there is a need for speed along with volume, it can lead to rushing, pressure and dangerous situations for employees. Employers should be responsible for worker safety, but when there are other priorities, an unsafe working environment and an accident on the job can happen.

Amazon, for example, sells a seemingly endless array of products and sends them quickly to be delivered. Despite that, numerous work injuries related to the hectic requirements has led to the company being categorized as one of the most dangerous workplaces. One incident, for example, in which a worker received a reprimand because he had made a mistake, preceded a heart attack days later that killed him. He was not found or attended to for 20 minutes and the company is asserting that it was not an incident on the job, but happened because of a medical issue.

There have been six Amazon worker deaths in the past 12 months. A significant number of other workers have been seriously injured. There are also reports of mental health problems. The combination has resulted in Amazon’s place on the list of dangerous workplaces. The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health placed Amazon on 2019’s 12 worst workplaces for overwork, being forced to stay at their stations, suicide attempts and for contractors and temps being treated poorly. It was also on the list in 2018 and the environment has not improved. Little has been done to improve worker conditions. Other risks include learning to use automation as part of the job.

A work accident on the job can occur in any industry. However, there are certain workplaces that are riskier than others. For people who have been hurt after an accident on the job, knowing how to recover sufficient workers’ compensation or to file a lawsuit is imperative to covering for lost wages and medical costs. Getting the right information about legal options after workplace injuries can be crucial.