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How to make a construction site safer

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Whether you’re working on a construction site in California or anywhere else, you will likely experience a variety of hazards while on the job. During a typical day, you may have to deal with inclement weather, large equipment or toxic substances. However, there are many steps that you and your employer can take to mitigate as many potential safety issues as possible.

Make sure to take training seriously

Paying attention during a training class may make it easier to identify problems that you could face on a job site. It may also help you take proactive steps to mitigate those hazards or otherwise prepare you to handle emergency situations as they occur. OSHA offers apps and other tools that can be used to ensure that you get the training you need and that you are aware of current safety best practices.

Follow your employer’s safety plan

Your supervisor should have a safety plan in place for each project that you are a part of. If you see anyone who isn’t following the plan, be sure to notify your employer immediately. You should also take it upon yourself to notify someone if you see any other potential health or safety hazards. This can help to prevent an accident that might cause significant injuries or deaths.

Wear your safety gear

If your employer provides you with boots, goggles or other safety gear, be sure to wear it. Doing so can minimize your risk of getting hurt while working at heights or from receiving chemical burns while handling toxic chemicals. It can also prevent you from getting hurt by falling objects while walking through a work zone.

If you are hurt on the job, it may be possible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may allow you to recoup a portion of wages lost while out of work and to pay for medical bills related to a workplace injury. An attorney may review your case and assist you in your efforts to receive compensation.