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Getting back your lost income after an injury

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

When it comes to paying the bills, the fact is that even when you’re injured, all those bills you paid before will continue to come in. The financial toll (especially if he or she is single) that a person can experience after sustaining an injury is immense. Not only is a lack of resources an issue but also the possibility of having to go into debt to pay for the most basic items, such as food and toiletries. Fortunately, states, such as California, have implemented laws to prevent such hardships from occurring. Much of the help will come through an employer’s or state workers’ compensation program. However, that does not mean that certain obstacles will not pop up.

What, exactly, counts as lost income?

One of the most common questions injured employees have concerns what counts as lost income. According to most state laws, an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance must cover its employees’ workplace injuries. This will usually cover all lost income, which includes more than just a person’s hourly wage. Some of the items that may be deemed lost income include:

  • Sick days
  • Perks/benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement fund contributions

How you can prove you have lost income

No matter how certain and clear events are, the fact is that you’re still going to need to prove your lost income to your employer. The first documents you should gather are those from a medical professional. This will be proof that you are, in fact, injured to the point where you cannot work. Next, you will need to speak with your HR department to obtain all the proper documentation regarding wages, perks and benefits, to name a few.

Unfortunately, not all cases proceed smoothly. In fact, the insurance company may even refuse to compensate you for your workplace injuries. That is why it is so important to obtain an attorney’s services as soon as you get hurt at your job.