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Why are common injuries in manufacturing?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Workplace Accidents |

Manufacturing jobs encompass many various skilled workers performing a variety of tasks. A California manufacturing facility might be a hectic place, as all the employees work at their jobs. Engineers, painters, forklift operators, welders, and others might work side-by-side. They may also find themselves dodging hazards, as manufacturing comes with some dangers. Manufacturing employees should stay alert to common injury risks, as awareness could support avoidance.

Injuries in the manufacturing sector

Studies point to many of the typical injuries workers suffer in manufacturing jobs. Fractures and lacerations rank among common injuries, but they are not the most prevalent. Sprains and strains rank at the top of the National Safety Council’s list, something that might raise concerns. A person cut by a tool may experience an immediate laceration. However, sprains and strains may develop from repeated wear over time. Preventing the cumulative effects that lead to strains might prove nearly impossible for some. The human body has its limits and could suffer injuries even when taking the best safety and care steps.

Whether the injuries develop over time or happen suddenly, a worker might find him/herself unable to earn a living. Hopefully, looking out for potential sudden injuries could cut down on the chances of an unexpected disaster.

Reason for manufacturing injuries

Since a manufacturing facility might involve significant activity, employees might experience impact-related injuries. That is, a worker might hit a colleague with an object, tool, cart, and so other things. Accidentally dropping a heavy box of tools onto someone’s foot could shatter bones. Mishaps happen.

The environment comes with risks ranging from the potential for burns to slip-and-fall accidents. Breathing in toxic substances or fumes could occur, leading to potentially life-threatening problems.

Overexerting oneself might cause self-harm, as does performing repetitive motions. Several reasons may result in disabling injuries and all the troubles that come with it. Thankfully, legal options may exist for those worried about financial repercussions.

No matter the reasons for workplace accidents, California’s no-fault workers’ compensation statutes apply. Injured workers could discuss their situation with an attorney before filing a claim or lawsuit.