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Why It’s Important to Hire an Attorney Early in the Process

A serious work injury is a medical crisis and a financial crisis. When the stakes are this high, a delay in the process can prove costly. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer early in the process. Your medical and wage loss benefits could depend on it.

At the San Jose Katzakian Law P.C., we can help. We provide skilled workers’ compensation representation to clients throughout the South Bay and across California.

Worried about the cost of hiring an attorney? There is no risk or obligation. The initial consultation is free, and there is never a direct fee. We bill on a contingent fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless our clients obtain a successful outcome.

Keep The Evidence Fresh

Sometimes injured workers wait to get an attorney. They wait to see what happens. That’s exactly what the insurance company wants you to do.

If you wait years, even months, to pursue a work injury claim, critical evidence could disappear. The sooner you act, the more information your lawyer will have to help you fight for workers’ compensation benefits.

Control Your Medical Treatment

Your employer would also like to control your treatment. If you go to their doctor on their timeline, it is easy to see how the medical evidence may start to tilt in their favor. We can help you understand your treatment options, so you can get the quality medical care you need without compromising your claim.

Don’t Sign Anything

Once you have signed settlement documents, it is very difficult to reopen the claim. It is important to speak with your own attorney before accepting any kind of settlement offer. Your employer may present it as a generous offer, but that may be far from the truth.

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If you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits in California, our law firm is here to help. Contact our law office today online or by telephone at 888-724-4138 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced workman’s comp attorney.