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Understand Your Workers’ Compensation Rights And Legal Options After A Work Injury

If you’ve never been hurt on the job, you may have no idea whether you qualify for workers’ compensation – or even how the program works. Thankfully, skilled help is available when you contact Katzakian Law P.C. Our attorney has more than 10 years of legal experience and our firm is exclusively focused on representing injured workers.

On this page, you can learn the basics of workers’ compensation eligibility, benefits and protections. After reading, give us a call to discuss your legal options for free.

Who Is Eligible For Workers’ Compensation?

California has one of the most robust workers’ compensation systems anywhere in the nation. Some states exempt small and moderately-sized employers from covering their workers and limit coverage to only full-time employees.

In California, however, if a business owner has even one employee, they must provide workers’ compensation coverage. Coverage applies to both full-time and part-time workers.

Although California’s program is a model for other states, it can still be difficult to claim benefits in certain cases. That’s why it is a good idea to work with an experienced attorney.

You Have The Right To Medical Care And Other Benefits

If your workers’ compensation claim is approved, you become eligible for numerous important benefits, including coverage of medical care, wage replacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits and more.

If you’ve lost a family member in a fatal accident, you have the right to pursue death benefits to pay for burial expenses and support dependent family members.

Protecting The Jobs Of Injured Workers

In California, it is illegal for employers to fire a worker for seeking workers’ compensation. Employers are also prohibited from firing a worker due to injuries or disabilities stemming from a work injury.

It’s important to note that employers can lay off or fire workers for reasons unrelated to their work injury or claim. Often, dishonest companies will fire an injured worker and cite other reasons as a pretext. While working with an attorney won’t always prevent this type of wrongful termination, employers are often much less likely to try something illegal if they know a worker has a legal advocate in their corner. In addition to helping you with your claim, we are committed to protecting your rights throughout the process.

Discuss Your Case With An Attorney Who Listens And Cares

Katzakian Law P.C. has seven convenient office hubs throughout California’s Central Coast and the Bay Area. We also make it easy for you to explore your legal options by offering free initial consultations. To discuss your case and learn how attorney Bo Katzakian can help, give us a call at 888-724-4138 or submit an online contact form.