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What can be done about denied claims after a workplace injury?

When a San Jose worker suffers workplace injuries or another issue related to the job that leaves them unable to work, there is an automatic belief that they will be free to use workers' compensation benefits as they are treated. However, there are times when a claim is denied. If there is a denial, it is due to the workers' compensation claims administrator believing that the injury is not covered. A worker can challenge the decision. It is important to note that there are deadlines for the challenge.

How is medical care handled in a workers' compensation claim?

A San Jose worker who is injured on the job or suffers a condition from the type of work he or she does and cannot work will need to consider workers' compensation. One integral aspect of workers' compensation benefits is medical care. There are frequently concerns as to who pays for it, what treatment is available, and if there are any limits on the type of treatment that can be received. Knowing the details of these factors can help a worker who is not receiving the medical care he or she is supposed to or if an employer is not paying the medical expenses as required under the law.

What are TD benefits through workers' compensation?

When workers in San Jose and throughout California suffer an injury on the job or become ill because of the work they do, there might be a vague understanding that they can file workers' compensation claims. However, there are various aspects to workers' compensation that they might not be completely familiar with. For example, temporary disability benefits (TD) are available if the worker meets the necessary requirements. TD can be paid if the person has lost wages because the doctor providing treatment says that the worker cannot do his or her job for more than three days or is hospitalized overnight and the employer does not provide a different kind of work that pays the same wages during recovery.

Things new employees should know about workplace injuries

Have you recently entered the workforce of California? You may feel anxious because there is so much to learn. You may not realize that the most important part of your training should cover the known and potential hazards of your job. Unfortunately, not all employers prioritize employee safety, and you might be a victim of a workplace injury sooner or later.

Contractor suffers burns after accident on the job at car factory

An often confusing aspect of the law when it comes to workplace accidents and subsequent injuries in California is if it is a contractor who is hurt. For a person who works as a contractor, it is vital to understand that the same protections that are accorded to a worker for the business itself apply to a contractor. When there are injuries after an accident due to an unsafe working environment or simply because there was an accident on the job, that contractor has the right to seek compensation for workplace injuries.

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