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Research considers how age can affect workplace accidents

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

When there are workplace accidents in California, many people can be affected. That includes the individual who was hurt or suffered a condition, as well as their family members. All should be aware of various trends that could be influential in the incident and its causes. For example, age-related variables might be important when there is an investigation as to how the accident happened and other circumstances surrounding it. For example, recent statistical analysis indicates that the age of the U.S. workforce has been rising in the past 20 years and its effect on workplace safety has been both positive and negative.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that just shy of 12 percent of the labor force was 55 or older in 1994. Now, however, the age of workers is on the rise and people 55 and older are expected to constitute close to one-quarter of the workforce six years from now. Age can influence workplace injuries and the chances of them happening. Risk consultants believe that various factors like the environment, repetitive movement and the amount of force that is used can be more problematic for older people.

From age 55 onward, people are more prone to suffer from diabetes or to become obese. This can be expensive for employers. Injuries that happen to someone who is 70-years-old can lead to them being completely disabled, whereas a person who is 30-years-old and suffers the same injuries can recover more easily. It is also important to note that older workers generally suffer from fewer injuries and there are not as many workers’ compensation claims as for their younger counterparts. Experience might be a reason for this, as older workers are more cautious and avoid mistakes younger workers might make. It is a dual-edged sword as older workers cost more to treat and will often be unable to get back to work in a timely fashion, if at all, while younger workers regain health faster but suffer more injuries due to their lack of experience.

Age might seem irrelevant when there is a work accident and a person suffers injuries that require treatment and hinder the ability to get back to work, but any factor that contributes to an accident on the job and the recovery can be important when seeking workers’ compensation or considering a legal filing. A law firm that is skilled at investigation and understands all the key aspects of being compensated after workplace injuries may be able to help.