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Workplace accident in fall on road project kills Caltrans worker

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | High Risk Occupations |

California infrastructure projects are necessary to keep the state and its cities running effectively and safely. Many of these jobs put workers at risk. They are stationed high above the ground, work with large and heavy equipment, place their trust in others to maintain safety and face other potentially risky factors that can lead to a workplace accident with injuries and death. With a fatal work-related accident, as they confront the tragic event, the family left behind must remember other problems they will face in the aftermath. A legal filing is frequently necessary to recover sufficient compensation.

A worker on a road project died when he fell from a ramp. The incident occurred in the early-morning hours at around 3 a.m. The worker, 57, was on a transition ramp when he fell. He traveled an estimated 50 feet to the ground. According to the investigation, the man left his truck, was stepping over a wall and fell. He had worked for the California Department of Transportation – Caltrans – for almost 20 years. He had a wife and three daughters. The investigation into the accident is continuing.

People can be injured and lose their lives when working at any kind of job. However, there are many jobs that are deemed “high risk” because there are physical dangers that are inherent with the type of work the person is doing. For people who have a loved one working as a first responder, in construction or in harm’s way with any job, there is an underlying knowledge that a fatal work-related accident is a possibility. They never expect to get that call that they have suffered the loss of a loved one in a workplace accident. With the lost wages, lost companionship and other implications that will impact their lives, they must think about the future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

A man working for Caltrans died when he fell off to the ground from a ramp he was working on. The investigation into the circumstances of the accident are ongoing. Since he had a wife and children, it is critical that they are protected. A law firm that knows the details of pursuing a case for people who have suffered wrongful death when working at high risk occupations should be called for advice and help immediately.