Construction work is one of the most dangerous types of jobs a Californian can do. While it is a respectable job with good wages and benefits, there are inherent risks facing a construction worker each day they head to the job. Some of these accidents result in serious injuries that spark major medical expenses, lost time on the job and innumerable challenges. In the worst-case, people can lose their lives. Those who have been affected by a construction accident must think about the future and whether a legal filing is necessary to receive compensation.

A fatal construction accident claimed the life of a 19-year-old man. The accident happened in the morning before 10 a.m. Emergency services were called after a worker was hit by a forklift. The project is an apartment complex. It has just started. The worker operating the forklift accidentally ran the other worker over when he backed into him. Emergency crews found the man unconscious. He was helping the worker operating the forklift as roof trusses were being moved. The driver did not see the other worker and hit him. The injured worker was given CPR and taken to the hospital. He died there. The investigation is continuing.

Construction sites are rife with danger. From the large vehicles, working at intimidating heights, heavy equipment and the trust placed in employers and co-workers, accidents are often unavoidable. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are fatal and the family left behind will be confronted with funeral expenses, the lost income and lost contribution from a loved one. Whether there were injuries or fatalities after a construction accident, the investigation into the case is a foundational aspect of maximizing compensation. Many people make the mistake of accepting a settlement that sounds reasonable, but quickly find that it was nowhere near sufficient. Legal advice is imperative.

People who work construction know the dangers they face, but that does not make it any easier if there is an accident or a fatality. Accident victims and their family members should think about the future and have legal help. A law firm that has experience in assisting those who have been negatively impacted by accidents involving those working in high risk occupations should be called for advice as soon as possible.