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Work accidents can impact vision and hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

When California residents suffer a workplace injury, there can be many different outcomes affecting them in a variety of ways. For those who suffer injuries that have a negative impact on their senses – specifically vision and hearing – it can cause drastic changes to their entire existence, personally and professionally. While serious workplace accidents are often categorized as happening in certain riskier industries, they can happen in any kind of a job.

Vision loss might not have been a direct injury to the eyes at all. A head injury can cause people to lose their ability to see. Hearing loss can be caused by an explosion, prolonged exposure to loud noises and a head injury.

The loss of hearing, sight or both will make it necessary for the person to learn how to care for himself or herself until their senses return to normal, if they do. While these injuries might seem obvious for an approval to get workers’ compensation benefits, that is not always the case. In some instances, the employer or insurer might say that the worker can return to work despite the loss of these critical senses. There could be other factors in dispute as the case proceeds.

When there is an accident on the job and the worker loses hearing or sight, it is imperative to get the appropriate medical care. It is also essential to get coverage for the lost income caused by workplace injuries. Anyone in this type of situation may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances.