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OSHA list of biggest workplace safety issues for 2019 revealed

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Workplace safety is a primary concern for workers in California regardless of the type of work they do. Injuries can happen in any kind of employment, but there are certain jobs that come with greater risk for an accident on the job. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is responsible for ensuring employers comply with the requirements to maintain a safe workplace. If the employers fail to do so, citations can be issued.

Keeping track of which violations are most common can be useful to understand where the greatest dangers are. If there is a workplace accident and the worker is injured because of an unsafe working environment, a workers’ compensation claim may be a potential option. Recently, the National Safety Council combined with OSHA to release a list of the 10 worst violations for which employers are cited. These are for the fiscal year, 2019.

There were almost 27,000 citations given in that timeframe. Fall protection is again at the top, as it has been for almost a decade, with more than 20%. A new entry to the list came in at number 10 as eye and face protection came to 5%. A spokesperson for the NSC stated that many of the injuries and fatalities workers suffer on the job are preventable. The list is designed to emphasize where employers should focus their efforts to avoid injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Other risks include hazard communication, a scaffolding fall, a ladder fall, powered industrial trucks and machine guarding.

After suffering injuries in an accident on the job, it is essential for a worker to understand key factors about a workers’ compensation claim. There are requirements for getting medical treatment, filing a claim and more. Employers are responsible for worker safety and if there was a violation, this will be a key part of a case in the aftermath of workplace injuries.