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What is the law for medical exams with workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Injured workers in California have a lot to think about. That includes the injury or condition from which they suffer, the medical care they need, what will happen with their job, how they will make ends meet and much more. Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to help these individuals. However, the law for workers’ compensation benefits can often be confusing. The basics are frequently problematic and it is wise to understand what the law says about these issues. That includes medical examinations. Following the law is a critical factor in workers’ compensation cases.

When a worker has the right to receive workers’ compensation, that worker must have a medical examination when the employer requests it be done. This is conducted at certain intervals and the employer will pay for it. For a medical examination, there will be a certain time and location where it will be held. Factors that are considered will be the employee’s convenience, physical condition and capability of attending the examination when it is scheduled.

If an employee chooses to do so, there can be a physician the employee selects at an examination the employer has ordered. Employees who refuse to take part in an examination by a physician selected by the employer or who in any way obstructs it will have their workers’ compensation payments suspended. When a physician examines an injured worker or is present at the examination, that person might be required to give testimony as to the results. If the employee becomes disabled or dies when the injury, illness or condition was made worse because of a refusal to take part in medical treatment or other procedures and the risk of doing so was inconsiderable, then that person cannot get workers’ compensation benefits for the exacerbation of the issue or for the person’s death.

When injured on the job, it is imperative for workers to understand the foundational aspects of a workers’ compensation claim. That includes the requirements for medical examinations for workers’ compensation.