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Employer negligence could mean life or death

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

California residents employed in science fields may work in lab environments where they engage in research involving hazardous materials. Proper education and training should help mitigate the potential for injuries; however, some employers may not adequately prepare their employees as far as safety measures are concerned. In such cases, injured workers may find themselves filing workers’ compensation claims.

Liquid nitrogen has become increasingly popular in lab environments where the substance has a myriad of uses such as chemistry, health care and computer technology. Unfortunately, if not managed correctly, liquid nitrogen can be extremely deadly because it is cryogenic, an extremely volatile liquefied gas that should get stored at extremely low temperatures. Contact with liquid nitrogen can cause severe burns, asphyxiation or death. Improper storage can cause over-pressurization and an explosion that may result in injury or death.

Those who work with liquid nitrogen must possess adequate knowledge to handle and store the substance properly. Also, training concerning mixing compatible materials, wearing protective attire during its use and properly operating safety equipment is essential for those who work with liquid nitrogen. Training for emergency and first aid treatment should be a requirement before anyone is permitted to handle any dangerous substance as well. A datasheet containing valuable information for the safety and well-being of those who come in contact with any hazardous substance is a requirement for any laboratory. That information should be available for anyone who handles it.

Those who work with dangerous substances should arm themselves with adequate protection. To create a safe work environment, employers must provide information on how to properly manage those materials as well as protective gear, such as goggles, gloves and lab coats. When employers fail to supply their workers with the educational and physical protection they need, the likelihood of on-the-job injuries increases dramatically.

Those who get injured on the job may struggle with wage loss and rising medical bills. A knowledgeable, experienced attorney may help with an appeal when a workers’ compensation claim does not produce the desired results.