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Falling deaths on construction sites are increasing

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

While federal safety rules have been put in place to prevent workers from falling to their deaths, studies have shown that the amount of falling deaths have actually increased in recent years. Falling hazards can cause death as well as permanent injuries like chronic pain and paralysis. Despite this, falling hazards are routinely one of the most frequent safety violations in California and across the country.

Who’s most at risk for falling hazards?

Research has shown that construction companies with fewer than 10 employees have the largest percentage of fall-related deaths. Latinx workers are also more likely to die from falls, particularly if they don’t speak English. While employees are required by law to use safety equipment, many workers decline to use the equipment and end up dying as a result. Others are severely injured because their employer created an unsafe environment, which leads to them collecting workers’ compensation.

To reduce the number of deaths, some agencies have launched public awareness campaigns to teach construction workers and the general public about the dangers of working in unsafe conditions. Others have invited companies to participate in additional training that educates their workers about safe working habits. However, some companies have declined to make the necessary changes, which has resulted in fatal consequences.

What to do after suffering a workplace injury

If an employee suffers from a job-related injury, they might be entitled to workers’ comp or another form of compensation. A job-related injury can include burns, chemical exposure, hearing loss, head trauma, back injuries, broken bones and much more. By working with a lawyer, a client may be able to properly fill out the necessary paperwork and receive the appropriate compensation. If their employer refuses to compensate them, the lawyer might help their client take the case to court and launch a lawsuit against the employer.