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Workers’ comp denial case offers lesson to Californians

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Worker’s compensation can be denied to injured people for many reasons. In a recent case, an Arkansas man was denied benefits after the court learned that he worked for other companies shortly after being injured. The man filed for workers’ compensation after he injured his back while unloading a truck for a furniture company. According to a physician, the man was diagnosed with a back contusion and muscle spasms. The physician claimed that he instructed the man to complete exercises and schedule a follow-up appointment, but the man denied that this ever happened.

Initially, the company was prepared to offer the man workers’ compensation. However, his claim was added to the list of denied claims after the company alleged that he hadn’t sought treatment for his injuries. The company also claimed that they tried to offer him modified work, but the claimant says that he never heard from the company and decided to seek employment elsewhere.

The man filed a lawsuit against the company, seeking compensation for his injuries. The judge ruled that the man was not eligible for workers’ compensation because he worked for other companies after his accident. Additionally, he never reported back pain when he visited a doctor multiple times for other ailments. The man appealed the decision, but an appellate court upheld the ruling.

What should an employee do if a claim is denied?

A company might deny an employee’s workers’ compensation claim for a number of reasons. Whatever the case, an employee might wish to hire an attorney after their claim has been denied. A lawyer could assess the situation and determine if the employee is eligible for compensation. If so, an attorney might assist their client in filing an appeal or seeking some other legal alternative.