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How to avoid forklift accidents in California

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries |

Forklifts were built to make our lives easier. But if they’re not used properly, they can cause injuries and even fatalities in the workplace. According to a recent study, nearly 10% of forklifts are involved in a death or injury every year. That doesn’t just include employees; it also includes customers and pedestrians who get in the way. Here are some tips on safely using a forklift so that you can protect everyone in your workplace.

How can you avoid forklift accidents?

When most people think of workplace injuries, they think of employees being injured on the job. However, a large percentage of injuries involves customers or people who aren’t employed by the company. In fact, non-employees account for nearly 40% of all forklift deaths in the United States.

To prevent these kinds of accidents, it’s important to take every precaution when driving a forklift. While you’re using a forklift, block off the area with signs or tape. Have a spotter who can keep an eye out for customers. Additionally, you can use horns and flashing lights to let customers know that a forklift is nearby.

If you work in an area with a lot of customers, they might tend to ignore the signs and caution tape. For this reason, experts recommend attaching sensors to your forklift that alert you when a person is nearby. You can also use flashing lights to catch a customer’s attention while they’re shopping or walking through the aisle.

Should you hire an attorney if you’re injured in the workplace?

When you’re injured on the workplace, it’s usually easy to apply for workers’ compensation. However, an employer might deny your claim or threaten to retaliate against you. If this happens, you may want to hire an attorney to represent you in court.