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Injuries on construction sites

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2021 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Some of the most dangerous workplaces in California are construction sites. Workers should be aware of dangers and follow the required safety protocols. Individuals who work on construction sites face dangers from a variety of sources, including equipment and machinery, co-workers and guests on the worksite.

Equipment dangers on construction sites

Due to what’s involved in construction, individuals may work with large equipment. They may also work with materials that are heavy and cumbersome. Poorly maintained equipment and poor training can both cause equipment accidents on a construction site. When accidents occur with heavy equipment and materials, the injuries that result may be catastrophic.

Construction site dangers from co-workers

In addition to dangers from the equipment on a construction site, co-workers can also create hazards. Miscommunication and poor training can result in mistakes. Failing to follow safety protocols or wear protective equipment can harm those on the site. Accidents that occur because of co-workers on a construction site may qualify for workers’ compensation in dangerous occupations.

Third-party dangers on construction sites

High-risk occupations, like construction, may also face dangers from third parties. For example, when the construction site is a roadway, motorists may travel through at a high rate of speed. Visitors may not be aware of safety protocols or the reasons that these rules are important.

Preventing injuries on construction sites

When you are aware of the elevated dangers on a construction site, you can make efforts to avoid injury. However, accidents may occur despite vigilance and best efforts. Individuals who sustain injuries while working at a construction site may claim compensation and covered medical treatment through workers’ compensation. A victim must report the accident and file for workers’ compensation. He or she may appeal an unfavorable decision with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney.