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Construction workers and carpal tunnel syndrome

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive motion disorder that develops in the hands and wrists over time after years of stress. While it is common among California factory workers or others who must use their hands and wrists constantly while performing job tasks, construction workers also commonly develop the condition as well after many years on the job. The movement may not be constant as with production line workers, but the use is a daily occurrence for all construction workers.

How carpel tunnel develops

Construction workers not only use hand tools at work such as hammers and planers, they also use electric equipment that vibrates constantly when in operation. One of the worst among these is actually a jackhammer, which also impact the forearms and elbows significantly. These tendons lead down to the wrist, creating rapid vibration within the region. In addition, those who lift concrete blocks on a regularly are at high risk for carpel tunnel also because the heavy blocks put pressure on the wrists as well. The wrist is the weakest component of the arms and hands, and the weakest link always suffers the most damage. This wear and tear makes carpel tunnel a common workers’ compensation claim.

How the case is proven

Carpel tunnel is rarely associated with a workplace accident unless a worker has continued to work with the problem and cannot continue their job tasks, often resulting in an accident or injury. However, sometimes it is noticed before any mishap. An experienced California workers’ comp attorney can compile a list of all job duties and positions held by an injured claimant along with sufficient medical documentation in building the case.