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Occupational diseases and workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

California workers might have a bad day on the job and end up getting hurt while performing their tasks. Acute injuries account for many workers’ compensation claims. Slip-and-fall accidents, back strain from lifting a heavy object, and suffering burns are typical acute injuries. Not all injuries fit this standard description, as workers could find themselves falling victim to an occupational disease.

The onset of an occupational disease

Occupational diseases may seem like mysterious workplace injuries, but they reflect the result of long-term exposure to hazards. A person that works around chemical fumes may suffer any number of ailments. Even when the person wears appropriate safety equipment, things don’t always work out well. Problems with the equipment may lead to exposures and subsequent health issues.

Mold, asbestos, pesticides, and decomposing trash could all cause chemical and biological exposures that lead to health ailments. Someone might feel fine for many years, not realizing he or she is already becoming sick. Even routine physical examinations may not uncover a problem until it dramatically worsens.

The hazardous work environment expands

Job injuries could derive from sources people don’t always consider. Repetitive motions might lead to physical problems, and some physical injuries could be similar to the onset of an occupational disease. Back problems might develop over many years, and things take a turn for the worse one day.

Noise exposure might result in hearing problems. Again, the issue may not occur overnight, but years of dealing with eardrum stress could have consequences.

Even psychological issues may come from workplace issues. For example, spending years dealing with a high-stress, emotionally challenging environment might leave someone with post-traumatic stress disorder.