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Why might California workers suffer eye injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Numerous work environments come with injury risks, and threats to the eyes rank among the most frightening. California workers that face potential injuries to the eyes may wish to brush up on safety practices and procedures.

Eye injury risks haunt workers

Persons working in construction, manufacturing, industrial, or chemical industries may discover potential threats to their eyes. Thankfully, effective ways to protect the eyes exist. Wearing appropriate protection could reduce the chances of an injury significantly. Unfortunately, not everyone wears eye protection as suggested. Sometimes, defects exist that undermine the sought-after protection.

Getting into the appropriate habit of always wearing safety equipment supports risk prevention. Management should not assume that everyone knows the right way to wear eye protection, and thus it might be necessary to institute appropriate training measures.

Wearing eye protection doesn’t always guarantee safety, though. An explosion sending shrapnel or sparks may breach even the best-made product. Therefore, awareness of danger could keep a workplace even safer.

And not all protective equipment is appropriate for a specific environment, either. Management should take steps to determine whether eye goggles suit the tasks and locations in question.

Taking legal steps after an incident

Workers could suffer injuries even when they try to be as careful as possible. Injuries may result in time off from work, which has financial consequences. California remains a no-fault workers’ comp state, and that could make it less challenging to file a claim.

An injured worker might have a third-party liability case if safety equipment doesn’t work as intended. Liability suits could occur when deliberate actions or gross negligence contributed to the eye injury.