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Burn victims have more treatment options

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Burn injuries can be among the most painful and impactful for California workers. They can expect long periods out of work and a grueling rehabilitation process. In the meantime, they will suffer both physically and financially.

There are treatments for serious burns

The good news is that survival rates for burn victims has improved in recent years. Advances in treatment have saved lives and have allowed victims to lead more normal lives that they otherwise would. Skin grafts have improved, and they are more widely used. The flip side is that all of these treatments cost money. In addition, the accident victim will miss plenty of time from work while these treatments are happening. Burn recovery often plays out over a matter of years instead of months, as these skin grafts are successive. Nonetheless, the victim stands a much larger chance of recovering than they did in the past.

Workers’ compensation can pay for these treatments

An accident victim should not have to worry about how this will all be paid. They should also not stress about having no money coming in while they are out from work. The workers’ compensation system should cover the costs of medical treatment. It will also pay for part of the injured worker’s wages, including a possible settlement if they cannot work again. However, workers’ compensation will not pay for the immense pain and suffering that burn victims will experience.

Theoretically, it should not be difficult for a burn victim to qualify for and receive workers’ compensation benefits. In practice, insurance companies can make it difficult. They may deny the claim for any one of a number of reasons. Having the assistance of an attorney can be advisable when appealing the decision.