Three workers were recently injured at Tesla Motor’s California factory. Two of the men that suffered workplace injuries suffered only minor injuries, but the third was seriously injured. The current conditions of the men are not known; however, one man has been released from the hospital.

All of the men suffered second-degree burns. The seriously injured man was burned on his upper-body and chest. The information gathered so far regarding the accident indicates that hot metal spilled out of an aluminum casting press onto the men.

California’s division of OSHA will be conducting an investigation into the incident, which is being treated as an industrial accident. Cal/OSHA’s investigation will determine whether any safety procedures were violated. This may include whether the men were sufficiently trained on the use of the equipment, if the press was in good mechanical shape and if the proper safety equipment was in use. Any violations found could result in fines and citations for the Fremont factory. it could take some time before this investigation is completed.

In the meantime, the injured men may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as a result of their workplace injuries. The seriously injured man could be in the hospital for some time and face a lengthy recovery process, and thus, unable to work. Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover medical costs, but they may at least partially cover lost wages as well. Obtaining all of the benefits to which an employee is entitled can be a complicated and frustrating process. Becoming familiar with the laws, rules and regulations regarding the application process may help alleviate some of that frustration.

Source: ABC News, 3 Hurt in Tesla Factory Hot Metal Spill in Calif., No author, Nov. 14, 2013