Work injury causes death for California industrial worker

| Dec 17, 2013 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Every day, industrial workers across the country walk out their front door and enter the industrial site where they work. This routine daily occurrence is often thought of as just another day at work. However, industrial accidents are always a possibility. California industrial workers may want to take note of a recent work injury that resulted in the worker’s death.

Within a few weeks’ time, industrial workers in the Boston area suffered the loss of two of their fellow workers. The most recent accident occurred when a heavy steel beam fell on a worker, pinning him beneath it. Rescue personnel were unable to immediately remove the beam due to its size. At the time of the incident, three of the man’s co-workers were present with him.

Rescue efforts proved to be in vain; the worker unfortunately died at the site of the accident. The victim was a 46-year-old man with a wife and three children. Several members of his extended family waited at the site as authorities worked to free him from the beam.

California industrial workers often face similar dangerous situations. Accidents happen without warning and can have devastating effects. Workplace injuries or death affect more than just the worker; they often affect families too. In addition to the loss of their loved one, these families are often faced with the loss of income as well as other expenses. In order to assist in financial recovery, the family of a victim of a work injury may decide to file a claim in civil court.

Source: The Boston Globe, Worker dies when 12,000-pound beam falls on him, officials say, Derek J. Anderson and Nicholas Jacques, Dec. 10, 2013


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