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2 men die from workplace injuries sustained by slabs of granite

| Feb 14, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Every California employee is at risk of injury while at work, regardless of their exact occupation. In some cases, one may sustain workplace injuries that result in death. When this happens, workers’ compensation is still a possibility, as the surviving spouse or dependents are able to receive death benefits. This is something the family of two workers at a recent California workplace accident may be interested in knowing.

Two men were recently killed at their place of employment. The industrial accident occurred when the two men were working inside a shipping container. For unknown reasons, granite slabs fell on top of both of them.

One man was pronounced dead at the site of the accident. The second man was transported to a local hospital to receive medical care. Unfortunately, he passed away there a short time later.

When an industrial accident such as this occurs, OSHA will typically get involved. OSHA’s California Division is already on the case and conducting a thorough investigation of exactly what happened. The information from this investigation will be helpful for workers’ compensation claims.

The surviving family members of both workers have rights under California law to request death benefits. When workplace injuries result in death, the surviving spouse or dependents have the right to receive monetary awards for funeral expenses and financial support. However, the process can be complicated and involve complex terms, so one would do well to make sure they become familiar with the process. At the same time, it is important to ensure one’s rights are upheld so that all entitled benefits are received and that one’s grief is not taken advantage of.

Source: The San Francisco Appeal, Medical Examiner Identifies Workers Killed In Bernal Heights Granite Slab Accident, No author, Feb. 9, 2014


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