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Santa Ana jail workers at risk for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

A recent audit has found that maintenance workers at a Santa Ana jail are at an increased risk for workplace injuries. The audit found several blatantly unsafe working conditions, including lack of proper supervision from guards while working near prisoners. These hazards violate the rights of every California worker to have a safe work environment and the ability to complete tasks without fear of workplace injuries.

The audit found that jail workers were required to move workout equipment that was contaminated with blood from jail residents. Additionally, maintenance workers were not provided with radios, which would have allowed them to call for help in case of emergency. The California jail was found to be guilty of several safety violations of varying severity, including expired fire department permits. 

Working in a jail is a high-risk job, even for the individuals who are providing maintenance services. These employees should be protected and provided with a work environment that does not place them at unnecessary risk. If a jail employee is injured because of a lack of safety, he or she could be entitled to financial compensation. Every employee should know his or her rights and should have a clear understanding of deserved benefits in case of injury. 

When a lack of safety standards lead to workplace injuries or death, victims and families have certain options regarding financial recovery. Work accidents can lead to medical bills, which then combine with the financial strain of lost wages. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover these expenses and provide assistance to those who have suffered after a work accident.

Source:, “Audit Shows Unsafe Working Conditions at Santa Ana Jail“, Adam Elmahrek, Dec. 9, 2014


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