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Common workplace injuries to California employees

| May 19, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

No matter the type of workplace where you are employed, there is always the risk that you could suffer an injury at any point. Whether it is a work-related illness, injury from a slip-and-fall accident at the office or other type of incident, it is important to know your rights in these circumstances. Workplace injuries of all types are grounds for workers’ compensation benefits in California, and we can help you claim the support you need.

Workplace injuries vary in type and severity. No matter how serious you consider your injury to be, you have the right to medical care, whether it is a simple bandage, stitches or more serious medical intervention. Common workplace injuries include head and back injuries, but also include occupational diseases, repetitive stress injuries and more.

If you have never experienced a work injury before, you should know that the workers’ compensation process can be complex. From filing the initial claim to dealing with a denied claim, you do not have to face any part of it alone. We know how complicated it can be for an injured California worker, and you can put our vast experience to work for you. 

We offer our clients suffering from workplace injuries personal service during a troubling and overwhelming time. With our guidance, you will know how to protect your rights and seek the benefits that you need for a full and fair recovery. We are not daunted by employers or insurance providers, and we employ methods such as mediation, negotiations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to find a positive solution for our clients. 


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