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Certain workers may face risk for on-the-job injury

| Jun 21, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

As California readers know, there are some industries that come with a higher risk for job-related injury. While people may think of construction or electrical work as risky or physical, some workers employed in the gaming industry are speaking out about the risks they face while doing their jobs. These workers claim that hazardous conditions leave them with a higher risk of on-the-job injury.

The organization SAG-AFTRA is asking that authorities in the state investigate these claims. They allege that certain practices that are common in the video game industry lead to damage to the vocal cords. They are asking that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration step in and act to protect the interests of the workers in this particular industry by creating certain safety standards for the voice.

Specifically, gaming industry employees claim that they are asked to perform for hours on end, screaming, shouting, talking and recording sound effects that will be used in video games. Some claim to have even suffered internal damage to their vocal cords. Stress to the vocal cords can cause injuries, such as nodules and cysts, that ultimately affect their ability to work. 

Just because a person is employed in an industry that is not considered dangerous or does not require physical labor does not mean that they cannot suffer an on-the-job injury. California employers must address safety concerns presented by employees and work to ensure that they do not suffer undue harm. When work conditions do cause harm, the injured individual has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Source: Hollywood Patch, “Actors’ Union Accuses Gaming Industry of Abusive Conditions“, June 8, 2016


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