When a person is injured on the job or a family member loses his or her life in a fatal work accident, there may be grounds to seek certain types of financial support. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to protect the interests of those who are hurt on the job or the families of those who are killed. However, it can be a complex and complicated process to actually obtain those benefits. 

One particular accident underlines the devastating effect that a fatal workplace accident can have on a family. A widow has recently taken legal action against the California employer of her late husband as a result of the unsafe work conditions that may have played a role in his death. She claims that five years after his death she is still dealing with the emotional and financial pain that was caused by his sudden passing.

The deceased was killed after he suffered serious head trauma after a fall on a job site. He was employed by a construction company and was working on the frame of a structure when the structure collapsed and he fell 30 feet. The heavy steel structure fell on him, resulting in his death and leaving two children without a father.

When a person is killed on the job, beneficiaries could be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits to cover the cost of a funeral and even lost income. Completing and submitting a benefits claim can be frustrating, and many claims are initially denied. However, a California lawyer can help a victim and family understand how to secure the benefits that they need and deserve. 

Source: Marina Del Rey Patch, “‘He Didn’t Want Our Children to be Fatherless,’ Widow of Construction…“, July 19, 2016