Contractor suffers burns after accident on the job at car factory

| Jul 6, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

An often confusing aspect of the law when it comes to workplace accidents and subsequent injuries in California is if it is a contractor who is hurt. For a person who works as a contractor, it is vital to understand that the same protections that are accorded to a worker for the business itself apply to a contractor. When there are injuries after an accident due to an unsafe working environment or simply because there was an accident on the job, that contractor has the right to seek compensation for workplace injuries.

A contractor injury at a Tesla plant has led to a Cal/OSHA investigation. This is happening while the car manufacturer has been questioned about its record for having a safe workplace. The worker was hurt at the company’s factory. There was an electrical explosion and he suffered second and third degree burns. He was hospitalized. The company he was working for is being investigated by Cal/OSHA. Thus far, no investigation into Tesla has commenced.

Tesla employees are in the process of trying to form a union due to the safety record at the company. At the plant in which this contractor was injured, the number of injuries was more than 30 percent higher than the average for the industry. For its part, the company says it has improved its safety procedures at that location and their injury record is far lower than the average.

The combination of the contract worker’s burns and the record at this facility is a troublesome trend for the company. When there are workplace injuries, there are many issues that must be factored in. Workers and their families are frequently preoccupied with the injury itself and the treatment to think about lost wages, medical expenses and other problems. Understanding the process for workers’ compensation can be difficult. There are numerous reasons why a worker can receive workers’ compensation. Understanding one’s rights is the first step. Contacting an experienced legal professional can help with a case.

Source:, “State Regulators Investigate Burn Injury at Tesla’s Fremont Plant,” Alyssa Jeong Perry, June 20, 2017


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