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Legal help with workers’ compensation for health care employees

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

California healthcare workers have difficult jobs rife with dangers. While it might not seem to be as risky as other jobs like law enforcement, emergency personnel, and construction workers, there are inherent factors that place healthcare workers in as much, if not more, jeopardy than people in other industries. For example, healthcare employees are constantly on the move, especially when they must lift people who are unable to lift themselves. These individual also work with medications, sharp needles, and in areas where they can be exposed to dangerous substances.

Back injuries are another common occurrence for healthcare workers. Frequently, those who suffer this injury will feel pain when lifting a patient or an object. Yet, oftentimes these workers continue performing their duties in part because they think they must and in part because they are unaware of how severely they have injured themselves. This can make the situation worse. A back injury can be debilitating, limiting an individual’s range of motion. Back injuries can be difficult to prove, though, especially since many times there is no injury observable to the naked eye. Workers’ compensation claims adjudicators and insurers might therefore call such an injury into question. When this is the case it is imperative to have legal assistance.

There are certain steps that a healthcare worker who was injured on the job must take to ensure that the workers’ compensation claim is handled properly. Telling a supervisor is step one. Recording what was being done at the time of the injury is another. Detailing the circumstances and finding witnesses can also be a major factor in the case. Our attorneys know how to diligently address these matters, ensuring that injured workers can build as strong of a workers’ compensation case as is possible given the underlying facts.

Whether it was a back injury, a repetitive stress injury, a broken bone from a fall, cuts, bruises, or illness from being exposed to substances and unsafe working conditions, a health care worker can suffer a variety of health issues doing a job that is designed to care for others. Having legal assistance is one of the most important factors when seeking workers’ compensation benefits after being injured on the job. That is why the legal team at the Law Offices of Bo Katzman diligently works to ensure each client receives competent representation that leaves them well-positioned to recover the compensation they need.

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