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July 2018 Archives

Can I settle my permanent disability workers' compensation case?

When California workers are injured on the job, they can seek workers' compensation benefits. There are different levels of being disabled and the Division of Workers' Compensation will classify a worker as temporarily disabled or permanently disabled. This disability rating will impact how much the worker receives in benefits and its duration. In some cases, after the disability has been rated, the claims administrator in the case might decide to try and settle it. With a settlement, the sides agree on an amount the work accident victim will get, there will be an agreement regarding medical care, and the benefits might be subject to change.

Working at an indoor firing range might put your life on the line

The California workers' compensation program provides financial assistance to employees who suffer bodily injury by accident or disease. If you work in one of the many indoor firing ranges in and around San Jose, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara and Salinas, you might not even be aware of the health risks you face. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers to inform employees of the hazards of their jobs and provide protection, but many disregard that rule.

Teen worker on paving project dies in fatal construction accident

California workers who are employed in construction-related jobs should know that it is one of the riskiest types of employment there is. The use of heavy equipment, large tools and working at substantial heights can lend itself to there being accidents. These accidents can happen for many reasons. Regardless of the cause, the aftermath is one of the biggest problems that workers and their families can face with injuries and a significant chance of worker death. For those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one in a fatal construction accident, having legal advice is one of the key factors in seeking compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who will have the backs of lone workers?

Safety authorities in California recommend that companies use the buddy system, which leaves nobody working alone. Each employee works along with a buddy, and they look out for each other's safety. However, if you are a lone worker, there will be no one on whom you can rely for safety support, and staying safe will require particular attention.

When do workers' compensation temporary disability payments stop?

California residents who are injured on the job and have injuries that are considered temporary can usually get temporary disability benefits. These are granted when the person has an injury that prevents him or her from doing the job for more than three days or there is an overnight hospitalization and if there is no work at the job the person can perform with the injuries and earn the same wages as before. With temporary disability, there is a time limit for which the person can receive them. Then the payments will end. Understanding important points about temporary disability includes knowing at what point they will stop.

Fentanyl exposure can threaten the lives of first responders

First responders face multiple safety hazards during every shift they work, and they never know where the next call will take them. Along with the threats they have suffered for years, emergency medical responders, firefighters, rescue workers and law enforcement workers now also face the dangers associated with the opioid epidemic that grips California and other states. If you are in one of these occupations, you may not only be risking exposure to opioids at the scenes of overdoses but also traffic stops, searches, arrests and other emergencies.

Workplace injuries from chemical exposure sparks lawsuit

Farm work can be tedious, physically and mentally demanding, and outright dangerous. Some issues can stem from an unsafe working environment that cause a safety hazard. Workers might not just be injured, but they can also become ill if they are exposed to certain substances. Farm workers who become ill due to exposure to substances while on the job should know that they may have rights to be compensated for their illness, the missed time on the job and long-term damage they might have suffered as a result.

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